Angerot – The Divine Apostate LP [Picture Disc w/ Slipmat]


1. Below the Deep and Dreamless Sleep 05:53
2. O Son of the Morning, O Son of the Dawn 03:37
3. Vestiments of Cancer 03:42
4. Coalesced with Wickedness 05:17
5. Each Night As You Sleep, I Destroy 01:38
6. Counsel of the Ungodly 05:01
7. Father, Mentor 05:37
8. Thy Kingdom Burned 05:24

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“…Angerot’s sophomore LP The Divine Apostate is the distinct leap forward their debut foretold. With bold arrangements that transcend Swedeath and emerges with an identity all its own, it’s a turning-point record for Angerot…When the terminal note of closing track “Thy Kingdom Burned” fades, The Divine Apostate feels like an extraordinarily cohesive death metal experience.”
Decibel Magazine
“Formed in Sioux Falls in 2017, the death metallers continue the Boss HM-2 pedal worship seen on their debut The Splendid Iniquity, but the quartet fi and themselves leaving the Swedish influences behind for more straight-forward death and black metal ferocity.”
Metal Injection
“..straight up, this is one of those songs that sends my mind into an apocalyptic past in another dimension where death and destruction have faces that reflect true evil. The vocals are definitely sung by a garrotted corpse, there’s no way a human makes such beautifully disgusting sounds. ”
“An album of righteous brutality and furious hate, Angerot rip and tear their way through 8 tracks of hellish metal. Every singe moment dripping with savage atmosphere created by a combination of roaring guitars, thumping drums and twisted vocals. Angerot are the personification of the horsemen riding out to herald the war to end all wars.”
Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life
Chad Petit – Vocals /Guitars
Jason Ellsworth – Lead Guitar / Keyboards
Zaugg – Bass
Matt Johnson – DrumsCover art by Jon Zig / Layout by Carrion Design
Photography by Kayla Stensland
Drum tracks recorded by Mike Dresch at Cathouse Studios
Recorded by Eddie G at Underground Sound Studio
Mixed & Mastered by Andreas Linnemann at Hop House Studio
Guest Solo on ‘O Son of the Morning, O Son of the Dawn’ by Terrance Hobbs
Guest Vocals on ‘Coalesced with Wickedness’ by Snowy Shaw
Guest Solo & Additional Guitars on ‘Counsel of the Ungodly’ by Ben Ash
All Songs Written & Arranged by Angerot ©2020

The Deluxe Edition of Angerot’s ‘The Divine Apostate’ comes as a limited 3-Color Swirl w/ 6 additional items including –
– Patch
– Sticker
– Pendant
– Enamel Pin
– Guitar Pick
– Beer Coaster

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