Black Mass – Feast at the Forbidden Tree LP


1. Intro 02:58
2. Unholy Libations 04:35
3. Dead to the World 03:40
4. A.S.H.E.S. 04:09
5. A Path Beyond 04:08
6. Nothing is Sacred 04:59
7. They Speak in Tongues 05:14
8. Betrayal 05:45
9. Blood Ritual 06:02

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Black Mass seem to have really nailed this whole thrash sound. The analog production sounds like it could have come from the early-to-mid 80s, and it’s just glorious. “Intro” is the only skippable track here, but “Unholy Libations,” “A.S.H.E.S.,” “A Path Beyond,” “They Speak in Tongues,” and ” Blood Ritual” absolutely slay. With Feast at the Forbidden TreeBlack Mass have successfully raided the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil Music. The record just oozes with genuine early thrash swagger and should please fans of any of the bands referenced above.”    – Angry Metal Guy

“For fans of dark, raw and exciting thrash metal, this album brings all the supplies you’ll need to mount your assault! Pay particular attention to highlights like “A.S.H.E.S.”, which shows the band’s ability to sound spontaneous yet still come across as mature, accomplished songwriters. And I mean, if you just want to let it rip, “Nothing is Sacred” and “Dead to the World” (epic screaming in the middle part!) are straightforward celebrations of riffs and breakneck speeds.”

Decibel Magazine

“”The big step they’ve taken beyond 2019’s breakthrough ‘Warlust‘ with the release of ‘Feast at the Forbidden Tree‘ is the sense that these ideals are no longer necessarily expressed via a post-millennial ‘retro’ revisionism; The bombastic presentation and brutality of late 80’s ‘evil’ thrash is again traded in for the scratched-out guile of the mid-80’s but the songwriting takes a step further than juiced hesher oldies. Given appropriately crunched-up and present production values we are gifted an authentic and exciting thrash metal album as a result. The bluntest reality of it is that they’re more “metal” than ever on this record without taking themselves dead serious, and it sounds like they’ve having a Hell of a good time ripping through this record.”

Grizzly Butts

Black Mass is:
Brendan O’Hare – Guitar/Lead Vocals
Cristiano Azevedo – Bass/Backing Vocals
Alex Fewell – Drums

Recorded and Mixed by Alex Garcia-Rivera at Mystic Valley Studio
Mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door Mastering
Album Artwork by Mike Hoffman
Photo by Camilo A. Muñoz
Layout by Brendan Coughlin

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