Crush The Altar – Abhorrent Oblation MC


1. See Mortality 04:37
2. Demonizing the Ancient Lore 06:32
3. Discastery Ruin 04:39

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“With three tracks behind the title, this offering is a ripping and flesh shredding beast that comes packed with slicing memorable riffs that are only to be backed by solid bass work, pounding drumming and larynx shredding vocals. From track one to track three you become subject to a maelstrom of sinister and down right malevolent metal. Never are you really gifted a moment of solace as Crush The Altar comes at you in waves, ushering forth track after track of brain bruising thrash.”
– Cadaver Garden

“Dealing with a style of Thrash that is more primal than technical, Crush the Altar channel the crushing grooves of “Beneath the Remains”-era Sepultura superbly. The powerhouse drumming and well balanced production job ensures that each track on this demo packs low-end punch and razor sharp thrust, even when the tempo is kicked down a notch or two”
– Riff from the Crypt

Recorded winter of 2018 with Steve Roche
at Permanent Hearing Damage, Philadelphia
Artwork by Muhamad Candra

Crush the Altar is:
Justin Kull – Vocals/Guitars
John Helmuth – Guitars
Joseph Vergara – Drums
**All Bass on the album performed by Justin Kull

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