Devastation – Violent Demonstration CD


(Demo 1988)
1. Eye for an Eye
2. Desolation
3. Manic Depressive
4. Contaminated
5. Escape to Violence


Destined to Death
(Demo 1986)
6. Massive Devastation
7. Destined to Death
8. Syndrome of Terror
9. Deceptive Slaughter
10. Raging Mayhem


Violent Termination
(Demo 1986)
11. Innocent Submission
12. Violent Termination
13. Eternally Possessed
14. Power to Kill
15. Meet Your Maker
16. Living in Torment
17. Day of Doom

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If you are into metal and are not familiar with the name Devastation, then you need a lesson in violence. Fortunately for you, we are happy to help. Devastation, along with peers like Rigor Mortis, are one of Texas’ best metal exports who helped push Thrash to the limits of extremity which transformed into what would be considered proto-Death Metal or what we now know as Death Thrash. We are very proud to announce, for the first time, the release of all of the bands classic 80’s demos Destined to Death (’86), Violent Termination (’86), and Contaminated (’88) on Gatefold 2xLP, CD, and Cassette. All have been remastered by Reaper of Reaper Metal Productions and designed with attention to detail and approval from the band themselves.

The CD package comes with a 12 page booklet full of old photos, flyers, artwork, etc.

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