Jesus Wept – Apartheid Redux CD


1. Buried Face Down 02:50
2. Drowning In Holy Water 00:40
3. Hammering the Nails 02:37
4. Jesus In Chains (Father In Hell) 02:03
5. Comfortably Dumb 04:50
6. Fucked On The Cross 03:43
7. Animal (Fuck Like a Beast) 03:31

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“Jesus Wept are death metal through and through, but they draw from a different set of influences than many of their peers, taking most of their cues from Heartwork, Swansong and ’80s heavy metal. It’s immediately clear from the start of “Buried Face Down,” the first track on their forthcoming Apartheid Redux album—which remixes the four songs on their first EP and adds two originals, plus a WASP cover—that the band have patiently studied the riffcraft of Bill Steer and Michael Amott”
Decibel Magazine

“With the resurgence of the 90’s death metal sound happening, each band trying to sound more and more like they were recorded at Morrisound Studios any time before 1998, it’s a breath of fresh air for a newish death metal band to not court a sound that’s been co-opted so much recently. This slower tempo has got groove and thumping power that makes you want to headbang and air guitar the way that only Crowbar and Entombed can do.”

“But if you want to get a first impression of “LA-Noir Carcass-core” from Detroit, this compilation is the perfect record, because you can follow the musical development of Jesus Wept while listening to it. For fans of Gatecreeper, Creeping Death and co this release is a must have, but thanks to its groove it might turn out to be just as interesting for die-hard Metallic Hardcore lovers.
Transcended Music Blog

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, JESUS WEPT self-released their debut EP ‘Crushing Apartheid’ in late-2017, unleashing their brand of sleaze-soaked death metal upon the industrial wasteland they call home. Described as “Carcass for the Next Generation”, JESUS WEPT’s sound harkens back to the Heartwork and Swansong-eras, while also channeling the spirit and attitude of ’80s L.A. Metal.

Engineered at Bricktop Studios by Andy Nelson, June 2017 and October 2018.
Guitars on tracks 1 – 4 recorded by Jesus Wept.
Mastered by Arthur Rizk.
Artwork and layout by Brian Sheehan.
Jesus Wept logo by View From the Coffin.
Tracks 1 – 6 written by Jesus Wept.
‘Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)’ written and originally performed by W.A.S.P.
Track 7 recorded not live at Donington.

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