Kill Division – Thoughts and Prayers EP


1. Thoughts and Prayers
2. Memories of Tomorrow (Suicidal Tendencies cover)
3. World Painted Blood (Slayer cover)
4. Screaming at a Wall (Minor Threat cover)

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KILL DIVISION are a grindcore act that embody and honor the essence of grind’s humble beginnings from luminaries in the scene such as current and ex-members of Gruesome, Left to Die, Megadeth, Bent Sea, Inhuman Condition, Venom Inc., The Absence, Hate Plow, and Malevolent Creation!

Their latest single , Thoughts & Prayers , is a stark reminder of the state of the world we are in that is more divided than united. It’s a callout to those well-wishers that stand on the sidelines when things are clearly wrong offering only their “thoughts & prayers” and not offering any real help or action. The indifference of good men is one of the greatest evils in today’s society.

Gus Rios – Guitars
Dirk Verbeuren – Drums
Kyle Symons – Vocals
Jeramie Kling – Bass

Track 1 mixed & mastered by Matt Laplant.
Tracks 2 – 4 mixed & mastered by Jeramie Kling.

All music and lyrics written by Gus Rios and Kyle Symons except
*track 2 written by Mike Muir
Copyright BMG Bumblebee

**track 3 written by Tomas Araya, Jeffrey Hanneman, and Kerry King.
Copyright Kobalt Music Pub America Inc., o/b/o Ss810 Music, Universal Music-Mgb Songs o/b/o Molosser Music, and Universal Music – Mgb Songs o/b/o Pennemunde Music

***track 4 written by James Baker, Ian Mackaye, Jeffrey Nelson, and Lyle Preslar.
Copyright Rough Trade Songs

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