Machinations of Fate – V/A MC


Side A
1. To Thus Defy 02:00
2. Tyrannous Skies 06:22
3. Planetary Chaos (A Dirge for the Cosmos) 02:10
4. Bedlam in the Far Reaches 07:21
5. To Fathom the Forbidden Truths 00:26


Side B
6. Machinations of Fate 04:14
7. Rendering the Fragments of Loss 05:57
8. The Malformed Archetype 05:42
9. Thus a New Creation Begins 02:13
10. Celestial Prophecies (DEMO) 07:26

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“If the Children of Bodom riffs/vox don’t get you, then the thrashy death-like, Power Trip-esque sections are sure to. ”
– Metal Trenches

“A lot of melodic death metal gets written off for being too “soft” as opposed to straight up death metal, but Machinations of Fate prove how death metal can play that fine line of being aggressive while also being beautifully melodic! ”
– Tempelores

“Machinations Of Fate have punched hard and will no doubt appeal to those who dine on Dissection, Kreator and the like. Whether they can make an impact on an ever-shrinking pond of opportunity is debatable but for now, this is a solid thrash/death metal album.”
– Musipedia of Metal

Cincinnati/ Kentucky Death/Thrash maniacs, MACHINATIONS OF FATE, self-released their Tyrannous Skies demo way back…

Machinations of Fate is:
Jason Pate – Rhythm Guitars & Bass
Brian Henn – Lead Guitars
Ash Thomas – Drums & Lead Vocals

Guitars, Bass, and recorded at The Henn Bunker Studio in Elsmere, KY 2012.
Vocals recorded at Frequenscream Studios in Cincinnati, OH, 2012.
Drums recorded at Frequenscream Studios 2018.
Mixed and Mastered by Luke Sackenheim at Bum Ass Studios, Winter 2018.
Final Master by Reaper, 2019.

Cover Art by Hans Trasid at Dis-Art Design
Logo by Mike Lansaw
Layout by Ash Thomas

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