Orbicate – Grotesque Tomb MC


1. Corrosive Abyss 02:31
2. The Painbringer 02:29
3. Mournful Temple 03:11
4. Day of Grief 02:32
5. Grotesque Tomb 03:28
6. Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost cover) 05:09

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“Across the six tracks on the EP, Orbicate traverse a spectrum of savagery. On one end, they fly like hell-beasts sprung from cages, going flat-out in creating visions of savage, racing ecstasy, drums galloping and snapping, guitars buzzing like hornets, and a voice venting berserk violence in raw howls. Elsewhere, they still fire on all cylinders but introduce moods of harrowing despair, or they stomp like big red-eyed brutes bent on the infliction of cruelty.

And to keep you on your toes, the drumming shifts into punk beats, the band as a whole routinely try to beat you senseless, and solos erupt with clarity, creating paroxysms of insanity or visions of supernatural wraiths. There are plenty of sharply executed tempo-shifts as well, and rich offerings of swiveling, darting, and swirling fretwork, making this release a head-spinner as well as a head-hammerer.”

 – No Clean Singing

Music by Kull / M. Tormentor except track 6 by Celtic Frost
Lyrics by M. Tormentor

Recorded and mixed by Kull in the Spring of 2021 at the country house (CZ) Italy
Produced by Orbicate
Artwork by Vivi Brown

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