Detherous – Unrelenting Malevolence CD


1. Interminable Mutilation
2. Suspended in Agony
3. Gruesome Tools of Torture
4. Encased in Gore
5. Wretched Formations of Flesh
6. Reek of the Decayed
7. Erosion of Reality
8. Tormented by the Dead
9. Cataclysmic Devastation
10. Skull Fracturing Nightmare (Demolition Hammer cover)

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“The song [Gruesome Tools of Torture] is about surgical dismemberment without anesthesia, because maximum suffering is clearly the only option when it comes to death metal. It certainly helps that the song sonically fits the lyrics.”

– Metal Injection


Dimitri LaRose – Drums

Scott Cressman – Bass

Ryan Hunter – Lead Guitar

Damon MacDonald – Vocals / Guitar

Recorded at: Black Page Studios

Mixed and Mastered by: Devin Schum

Album art by: Karl Dahmer: Dahmer

Art Back cover illustrations by: Mark Riddick

Layout by: Nestor Carera

All music and lyrics written by Detherous except for “Skull Fracturing Nightmare” originally written and performed by Demolition Hammer

Additional writing credits to Travis Hahn(Stench Of Death) on “Erosion Of Reality” Additional vocals by : Chris Monroy of Skeletal Remains Solos on Skull Fracturing Nightmare done by Chris Monroy

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