Wraith – Undo the Chains CD


1. Undo the Chains (00:59)
2. Dominator (02:47)
3. Gate Master (03:49)
4. Mistress of the Void (01:54)
5. Cloaked in Black (03:50)
6. Born to Die (03:01)
7. Time Wins (02:43)
8. Gift of Death (02:40)
9. Disgusting (01:28)
10. Bite Back (02:26)
11. Victims for the Sword (02:19)
12. Terminate (04:14)

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By the power of Cronos and invocation of the destructive riff fury of early Metallica, Bulldozer, and Motörhead, WRAITH are back with their fierce brand of NO BULLSHIT THRASH METAL! One listen to songs like ‘Dominator’ and ‘Born to Die’ will immediately reinforce their claim and have you moshing like it’s 1984!

Matt Sokol – Vocals/Guitars
Chris Petkus – Bass
Jason Schultz – Lead Guitar
Mike Szymendera – Drums

Artwork by Andrei Bouzikov
Layout by Chris Petkus
Recorded, mixed and mastered by CJ Rayson
Written and recorded from Aug 2019 to Jan 2021
All music written and performed by WRAITH
…In memory of donald c. schultz jr. 1956-2020

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