Sarcator – Sarcator LP


1. Abyssal Angel 04:01
2. Manic Rapture 05:42
3. Deicidal 05:33
4. Midnight Witchery 03:28
5. The Hour of Torment 04:31 video
6. Circle of Impurity 04:37
7. Heretic’s Domain 04:39
8. Desolate Visions 04:13
9. Demonstrike 04:09
10. Purgatory Unleashed 05:16

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“Metal lifers who complain about kids today not going hard enough obviously need to plug their pie-holes with a healthy dose of Sarcator. The Swedish four-piece, whose ranks include the son of The Crown’s Marko Tervonen, are all still in high school, and yet they play the kind of savage death-thrash that most old-school fans live for. With their upcoming self-titled debut, Sarcator will instantly make a name for themselves in the underground — and will stand as a firm reminder that young metal fans will always be down to make music that sears the inside of your brain.”
The Pit

“Upon listening to this album blindly, one would imagine a band of 30- or 40-something long-hairs that have been stalwarts of the metal scene since the early ’90s and have been doing it so long, they have the formula down to a pointed science. This is melodic Swedish death leaning heavy on its Teutonic German thrash origins so much so that it would make any Sodom fan smile from horn to horn…”

“As soon as I started to listen to the album, the first thought that came up was a very early and young Dissection, but a more thrashy sound…Be prepared for some excellent death/thrash metal when you get your hands on the album when it’s out!”

“Sarcator resembles groups like Vio-lence or Forbidden who weren’t afraid to take their songs in different directions whenever a new riff felt appropriate. In contrast to those legends, however, Sarcator has a rougher, darker edge, particularly from the throaty vocals that resemble an even more brutal early Mille Petrozza or Tom Angelripper.”
Skull Fracturing Metal

“This is bone crushing thrash/death metal with tons of catchy hooks, MEMORABLE tunes and plenty of ripping speed to back this baby up. Death metal vocals that I totally dug and that guitar sound is mint! This is a great mix of death/thrash metal no doubt about it. It combines the speed and intensity of both styles like a best of attack of both. The production is perfect and this is a release not to be missed I can tell ya that.”


Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered By Marko Tervonen During July 2020 At Studio-Mt, Trollhattan, Sweden.

Drums Tracked At Studio N3, Trollhattan, Sweden.

Guitars, Bass, And Vocals Tracked At Studio-Mt, Trollhattan, Sweden.

Sarcator Is:
Felix Lindkvist – Bass & Backing Vocals
Mateo Tervonen – Vocals & Guitar
Emil Eriksson – Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals
Jesper Rosén – Drums

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