Celestial Sanctuary – Soul Diminished LP

1. Rid The Gormless 03:48
2. Soul Diminished 04:34
3. Relentless Savagery 03:22
4. Wretched Habits 04:16
5. Suffer Your Sentience 05:00
6. Mass Extinction 03:40
7. Yearn For The Rot 05:35
8. Endless Chasm 04:31
9. Formless Entity 02:34

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Formed late 2019 in Cambridge, England, by Tomas Cronin (Vocals & Guitar) with James Burke (Drums), Jim Rutterford (Bassh and Matt Adnett (Guitar) rounding out the line up – Celestial Sanctuary are a feral, primal and modern death metal band with their own message about the destructive nature of humankind. Whilst wearing their old school Death Metal influences on their sleeve, they are by no means a throwback nostalgia act, but the beginning of The New Wave Of British Death Metal.

After stating their intent with the Mass Extinction demo, Celestial Sanctuary launched straight into writing and recording their debut full length which will be unleashed March 26th 2021 via
Redefining Darkness/Church Road Records (Vinyl/CD)
Sewer Rot Records (Cassette).

The band’s debut full length, Soul Diminished, tells the story of a soul trapped in a vessel of a body, gaining consciousness. Over the course of the album they becomes aware their sentience is a hell they must suffer as they realize their existence is predetermined and their fate already sealed by a disgusting, faceless entity….a shapeless master. The being’s sanity deteriorates as they descend into madness.

“I always saw the being’s background as open to interpretation – whether they’re a victim of human trafficking, bred for food, born into slavery or someone in the grip of depression who can see no way out. The world can be pretty fucked up as it is, so I wanted to keep the lyrics grounded and about real life, things that actually happen.

The artwork done by the incredible Wyrmwalk (Iron Age / Frozen Soul). I basically just gave him the concept of the album and wanted a landscape of this world this character perceives with the faceless being looking down at this hell. Needless to say he absolutely killed it and his art actually inspired the last song we wrote for the album (Suffer Your Sentience).”
– Tomas, Celestial Sanctuary

released March 26, 2021

Tomas C. – Vocals & Guitar
Jim R. – Bass Guitar
James B. – Drums
Matt A. – Guitar

All songs & lyrics written & performed by Celestial Sanctuary
Recorded & Mixed at The Abbey Dungeon, Suffolk, England in April – June 2020 during the Coronavirus Pandemic.
Mastered by John Bart Van Der Wal
Additional thanks to Keir Atkinson for assistance during mixing
Artwork by Wyrmwalk
Layout by T Cronin

Odoacer, Vacuous, Eternal Rot, Venom Prison, Road Mutant, Inhuman Nature, Slime Lord, Cryptic Shift, Gutvoid, Maul, Soul Devourment, Ritual of Decay, Kombat, Frozen Soul, Cryptworm.

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