Seven Doors – Feast of the Repulsive Dead CD


1. A Quiet Night in the Cemetery
2. Feast of the Repulsive Dead
3. Stalked, Strangled and Stabbed
4. The Morbid Mortician
5. Welcome Back to Life
6. I’ll Swallow Your Soul
7. The Hack Shack
8. Isolated Existence
9. The Graves of Matool
10. Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers

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Seven Doors is a one man horror-themed Death Metal band from the South West of the UK, whose name is inspired by the name of the hotel in the Lucio Fulci film, The Beyond. Ryan Wills, the sole writer and instrumentalist, began the project in the first half of 2020 shortly after the global pandemic started. Ryan’s vision was to combine his passion for 70’s and 80’s horror films with his love of 90’s Death Metal. Many of the lyrics are directly inspired by films like City of the Living Dead, Re-animatior, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Beyond and more, while his musical influences stem from acts like Death, Gorguts, Asphyx, Malevolent Creation and Cannibal Corpse.

The band’s debut, The Gates of Hell EP, was released in early 2021 on Redefining Darkness Records (Cassette) & Cavernous Records (CD) which was quickly followed up by a split with 2 other UK bands, Goat Witch and Born Undead (digital only). ‘Feast of the Repulsive Dead’ is comprised of 10 songs that expand upon on what they have achieved thus far and have taken everything to the next level of horror. To deepen the tie between his two loves, Ryan enlisted horror aficionado, Slasher Dave, to create an intro for the album while recruiting Chris and Mike of Skeletal Remains and Paul of De Profundis to lend some guitar leads to some tracks. ‘Feast of the Repulsive Dead’ is a banger of a record that will certainly grab the attention of Death Metal enthusiasts worldwide.

All instruments & vocals by Ryan Wills || Written & recorded by Ryan Wills
Mixed by Ben King at Cryptic Sound || Mastered by JB Van Der Wal
Cover art and logo by Dedy Badic Art || Layout by Nestor Carrera

Intro track by Slasher Dave of Acid Witch
Guest solo on track 4 by Paul Nazarkardeh of De Profundis
Guest solos on track 10 by Chris Monroy and Mike De La O of Skeletal Remains

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