Vadiat – Spear of Creation LP


1. Spear of Creation
2. Father Impaler
3. Shadows Divine
4. Silenced Cries
5. Empty Vessel
6. The Entity
7. Unearthed
8. Quarter Moon Chaos
9. Darkness Proceeds


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In 2018, from the ashes of two Cleveland greats, TERROR & BLOOD OF CHRIST, VADIAT was born.

The members of VADIAT read like an encyclopedia of Death Metal. While Guitarist /Vocalist Brian Sekula’s mainstay was Cleveland’s legendary Death/Thrashers TERROR, he was a touring member of Mortician in the 90’s, and was also an acclaimed Live Sound and Studio Engineer that recorded albums for bands such as Incantation, Nunslaughter, Morpheus Descends, and many others. VADIAT’s founding counterpart, drummer Joe Twardizk, was also a founding member of Cleveland’s infamous BLOOD OF CHRIST with Decrepit’s legendary guitarist, Tom Rojack (RIP). The band is rounded out by second guitar player, Geoffe Hein, who spent time in a number of underground Cleveland acts and recently added bassist, Duane Morris, a Cleveland underground legend, who was a member of Embalmer & Decrepit, and played in stints with Incantation, Nunslaughter, From the Depths, and many more.

VADIAT exist to show all these young upstarts what Death Metal really is. In the spirit of the early days of the genre, the band are here to pay homage to those exciting fledgling days they were once a part of, as well as stand as pillars of what Death Metal should and always will be. No fads, no trends – Death Metal is life to these maniacs!

Brian Sekula – Guitars / Vocals
Joe Twardzik – Drums
Matt Sorg – Guitars
Ed Stephens – Bass

All music by Sekula & Twardzik.
All Lyrics by Sekula – State Of Terror Publishing
except Pray for the Dead (Music by Bruce Franklin & Rick Wartell)
Lyrics by Eric Wagner (RIP).

Guest Vocal Appearance on UNEARTHED by Paul Gorefiend (Embalmer, Kurnugia).
Additional Mastering of Intro / Outro by (Joshua R. Kolenc)
Logo by Christophe Szpajdel

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