Kill Division – Peace Through Tyranny LP


1. If You Only Knew
2. Surrounded by Filth
3. Thin the Herd
4. Peace Through Tyranny
5. Freak
6. Cultists
7. Rise Against
8. Hatred Inspired
9. Battle Scarred Creation
10. Walking Dead
11. Barely Alive (Terrorizer cover)

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500 x LPs

– 250 x ASIDE/BSIDE (Color Merge)
– 250 x SPLATTER

Kill Division are a grindcore act that embody and honor the essence of grind’s humble beginnings from luminaries in the scene.

“Kill Division’s Peace Through Tyranny is so damn catchy, expertly played, and ferocious, which makes this one of the best grind albums I’ve heard in decades. Catchy grindcore is tough to pull off but each song on this album is catchier than the previous one. This is the best grind album of 2022 and if you can’t get enough of Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Misery Index, Squash Bowels, Nasum etc.. and really need something new to melt you and your pet goldfish’ face off then this is a Buy or Die of the highest order. This KILLZ!!!!”,
– Frank Rini, Teeth of the Divine

“Kill Division set out to deliver something that embodies the chaos of grind in its purest form and get anyone and everyone pumped from listening to it. It’s a simple and effective approach, made all the more enjoyable because the talent in this band are capable of doing it justice.
Don’t over-think it. Just press play and be consumed by the ferocity of unmitigated grinding heavy metal at its best.
– Games, Brrraaains, & a Headbanging Life

“The debut of Kill Division (by the way, what a name adequate to the content) is half an hour of barbarism at the highest level. Yes, you can find some similarities to Napalm Death with Pintado era or early Terrorizer (we even have a cover of “Barely Alive” for dessert), but Kyle&co. so intelligently melt everything into their own style that there’s noother way but to take the hats off. An absolutely crushing album, you may say, the younger brother of “World Downfall” from year twenty-two. There will be no better album in this genre this year. It’s done!”
– Apocalyptic Rites

” It is very obvious that they love this style of music it and it comes completely naturally to them. Because the sounds of our youth are always there in us and returning to them is always familiar. From fans to fans of the good old grindcore.”
– Rockway.gr

“After almost 24 minutes it’s over (much too quickly). Peace Through Tyranny doesn’t reinvent the genre wheel, but it does everything right. Big wrecking balls meet clumsy lumps of lead, the production is wonderfully rough, the presentation is fun from start to finish. You shouldn’t expect miracles from Kill Division, but their debut is more than entertaining and cleverly plays off the class of individualists as an uncompromising, biting unit.”
– Demonic Nights

released September 16, 2022

Gus Rios – Guitar (Gruesome, ex-Malevolent Creation, Ex-Sickness)
Dirk Verbeuren – Drums (Megadeth, Bent Sea, ex-Soilwork, ex-Aborted)
Kyle Symons – Vocals (ex-Hate Plow, ex-Malevolent Creation, Ex-Sickness)
Jeramie Kling – Bass (Inhuman Condition, The Absence, Venom Inc.)

All music written by Gus Rios except “Barely Alive” written by Jesse Pintado.
Lyrics for Freak, Walking Dead, Battle Scarred Creation, Peace Through Tyranny, Cultists by Gus Rios
All other lyrics by Kyle Symons

Drums recorded and engineered by Dirk Verbeuren at Die Crawling Studio Guitars and bass recorded and engineered by Jeramie Kling at Smoke and Mirrors Studios
Vocals recorded and engineered by Gus Rios at Riversound Production Studios
Mixed by Jeramie Kling at Smoke and Mirrors
Mastered by JF Dagenais
Photos courtesy of Deidra Kling
Layout by Nestor Carrera

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