Atomic Witch – Crypt of Sleepless Malice LP


1. Intro
2. Psychic Miasma
3. Leather Noose
4. 70,000 Skulls
5. Love Curse
6. Too Rotten to Die
7. She Drifts
8. Cemetery Mud
9. Spooky Technology
10. Casket Dagger
11. Crypt of Sleepless Malice

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“A little bit of strangeness never hurts when it comes to thrash, and thrash-death champions Atomic Witch hone their palpable eccentricity into a force of evil on their upcoming debut album Crypt of Sleepless Malice. Musically, they blend thrash and death metal into a nasty, bloodlusting ceremony, but their lyrical content (and penchant for excellent choruses) mutates their obscene rituals into B-movie horror flicks, replete with over-the-top imagery and utterly deranged narration. This isn’t exactly introducing any levity into the proceedings, which combine lightning-quick blasts and incredibly technical riffing, but the album rampages on with an obvious demented glee that’s admirably easy to sink into.”

-Invisible Oranges

Greg Martinis – Vocals
J. Meister – Lead Guitar
Jesse Shattuck – Lead Guitar / Melodic Vocals
Kevin Czarnecki – Bass
Nick Amato- Drums

Recorded by Nick Amato
Mixed and Mastered by Dan Swanö
Cover art by Chad Keith ( @chadkeithhelsinki )
Layout by Greg Martinis @greg.fate
Cover art photo by Josh Zawiski
Intro by Jake Dick @jackdickdrums
Guest vocals on Spooky Technology by Anthony Allen of Inoculation

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