Molten – Dystopian Syndrome LP


1. Shadows In Quarantine 01:42
2. Virulence 07:13
3. Dystopian Syndrome 04:52
4. Un Sepulcro De Honor 00:57
5. Holy Macabre 03:05
6. Zombies Curse 03:37
7. On Through Phlegethon 05:32
8. The Void 05:18
9. Rising Embers 10:17

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Formed in San Francisco during fall of 2017, MOLTEN are a quintet heavily versed in Death, Thrash and Doom Metal with elements of Prog, Classical and even Hardcore. After the release of their eponymous self-titled 2019 EP, they went straight to work with producer Greg Wilkinson (Deathgrave, Vastum, Necrot) at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, CA, on their debut LP “Dystopian Syndrome”.

With their debut full length, the band were focused on creating a darker, more evil, yet equally melodic and accessible sound for fans of extreme music. Their musical themes shift from war, corrupt politicians, inner turmoil, Fantasy, Horror, and Earth’s demise in a seamless but terrifying way that transports the listener into the setting of each track. All fans of heavy music in general, MOLTEN came together to create their own version of the music they idolized for years, adding their own fresh yet grimy taste into the flaming furnace that is MOLTEN metal.

Brandon Bristol: Lead Vocals
Chris Corona: Lead &Classical Guitar
Gary Goudreau: Lead & Classical Guitar
Damon Lockaby: Drums
Herman Bandala: Bass, classical guitars, piano, keyboard & back up vocals

Recorded by Greg Wilkinson at EarHammer studios Oakland, CA
Produced by Greg Wilkinson & Molten
Shadows In Quarantine, Un Sepulcro De Honor, additional guitars solos and keys recorded by Chris Corona at Secret Studios Room #79 San Francisco, CA
All music by Molten except Shadows in Quarantine, Un Sepulcro De Honor, and Piano/Organ outro by Bandala
Artwork by Pedro Felipe Oliveira
Layout by Nestor Carrera

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