Cist – The Frozen Casket LP


1. Antisceptic 03:54
2. Incubation 04:11
3. Injected Obsession 03:55
4. Mitosis Simulation 04:21
5. Cryonesia 04:21

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“…the band has taken the science of scorching vocals, gritty guitars ripping out excellent riffs, and a brutal yet precise rhythm section, and turned it into an art. It doesn’t hurt that the production fits the style perfectly, allowing the band’s concoction of Death, Obituary and perhaps some Persecution Mania-era Sodom to play exactly as intended.’
Decibel Magazine
“The Frozen Casket has rapidly gotten me completely obsessed. There is a sense of true heaviness that makes it exciting and the chainsaw guitar riffs possess the same magic that made old school Death so thrilling. This is a band who are attacking a side of the genre we don’t get to see as much of in an era where Gatecreeper dominates the scene.”
Two Guys Metal Reviews“The indomitable early death metal sound lives on healthily and heartily on The Frozen Casket, producing not a decent facsimile but an enthralling death metal record on its own merits” – Angry Metal Guy 

Vitaly Lushchenkov – Vocals
Nick Komshukov – Guitars
Mick Shapovalov – Drums

*Bass recorded by Konstantin Rodin

Recorded at CIST basement.
Mixed, mastered and produced by Nick Komshukov
* Deliver the Suffering written by Devastation (TX), (c) Relativity Records, Inc., published by Manic Depression Music & Theory Music, 1991.

Music by Nick Komshukov
Lyrics by Vitaly Lushchenkov

Cover art by Armaada ART
Vinyl Layout by Nestor Carrera

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