Detherous – Hacked To Death LP


1. Smouldering Ashes 04:20
2. Practitioners of Pain 03:20
3. Ridden 04:31
4. NIRC 04:09
5. Hacked to Death 04:23
6. Monstrosity 03:22
7. From Hell They Rise 04:06
8. Brain Death 05:01

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Detherous are 4 Death Thrash Maniacs from Calgary Alberta, Canada. On their debut album, Hacked to Death, Detherous have created an absolutely blistering album spanning 8 intense songs made up of old school Metal mayhem! For fans of early Death, Obituary, Asphyx, Sacrifice, and Demolition Hammer.

“Detherous belies their tender years with a ripping vortex of bludgeoning speed. Although it’s evident that the band was weaned on the cornerstones of the 1980s underground – Slayer’s dramatic apocalyptic time-changes and early Sepultura’s punk-like intensity are evident – they dig deeper and it shows. You can hear the intensity of Demolition Hammer and the grandeur of Asphyx with the hint of creeping death in MacDonald’s sooty grunt.” – Invisible Oranges

“With an album named Hacked To Death and blood-spattered, head-cleaving cover art, you would expect the music to be… slaughtering. And this debut full-length by the death/thrashing Detherous is indeed packed with full-throttle rampages and fueled by a riotous, take-no-prisoners spirit. But this fearsome foursome from Calgary, Alberta, Canada do a whole lot more with their music than slash and burn. They’re adept at creating sensations of mania and mayhem, but the music is also adventurous, and full of surprising twists and turns.” – NO CLEAN SINGING

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