Undead – Existential Horror LP


1. Haunted by Hate 02:54
2. Masters of Mankind 03:17
3. Sin & Death 03:24
4. Santa Muerte 04:18
5. City of Silence 03:35
6. Existential Horror 04:13
7. Curse of the Undead 04:01
8. Sarcophagus 03:25
9. Beyond Divine Regulation 03:25

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In the year of the Serpent, 2013 of human era, with the experience of their previous lives and the hunger of the dead, the UNDEAD resurrected and rose from their graves in order to hunt, haunt and drink the blood of the living.

In 2015, the band began spreading their disease with Blood Enemy as their first attack, a weapon of mass destruction in the shape of a 7″ vinyl limited to 333 copies. Two songs of death cult to bring to the known world to depths beyond sickness, nightmares and madness. In 2016, they returned to haunt mankind with a new abomination called Redemption, consisting of four tracks produced by UNDEAD and mastered at Necromorbus Studio (Sweden).

By 2019, the UNDEAD were prepared to dive into the deepest horrors of the human mind and soul to manifest nine vile tunes for their first full length offering of Existential Horror!! The album was originally released on CD (God of War Productions) and a very limited Vinyl run that sold out. While the global pandemic of 2020 halted the band’s promising conquest, the UNDEAD are now ready to resurrect and manifest as a live act of horror and death on their first tour in 2022.

Redefining Darkness are extremely proud to present UNDEAD in all their gory..ahem glory and offer up a

V. Repulse – Vocals & Guitars
A. Von Hell – Guitars
J. Surt – Bass
F. Purelife – Drums

Drums recorded at Skyline Studios
Vocals, Guitars, and Bass recorded at Noise Snatcher Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio

All music and lyrics by Undead
Additional backing vocals by A. Von Hell

Cover art by Branca Studio
Layout by V. Repulse
Photo by Javier Bragado

Existential Horror originally released in 2019.

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