Escarnium – Godless Shrines of Decay CD


1. Radioactive Doom
2. Genocide Ritual
3. Human Waste
4. Excruciating Existence
5. Salvation Through Zyklon B
6. Nuclear Burial
7. Self Proclaimed Messiah
8. 731
9. Death Metal Terror
10. Covered in Decadence
11. Rex Verminorum
12. Dark Clouds Above Hell’s Fire
13. Slaves of an Ending Fate
14. His Final March
15. Enfeeblement and Iconoclasm
16. Covered in Decadence (Demo Version)

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Enter the rotten crypt of Brazil’s Escarnium, a diabolical blackened shrine of decadent death worshipping mayhem! Brutal in its approach and uncompromisingly viscous in its savagery, this is the sound of true death fucking metal!! Taking cues from legendary acts like Vital Remains, Incantation, and Immolation, Escarnium wish to drag you on a most unfortunate tour through the depravity of their never-ending death metal nightmare. Welcome to hell….

“Godless Shrine Of Decay” is a definitive collection of Escarnium’s work from 2009 – 2015. Not only does “Godless Shrine Of Decay” include Escarnium’s heralded demo “Covered in Decadence” in it’s entirety, but also features a new unreleased track entitled “Human Waste”. Up to this point, Escarnium have remained a well kept secret in the shadowed corners of South America and Europe – “Godless Shrine Of Decay” acts as the bands introduction to the Northwest Hemisphere.

REDEFINING DARKNESS RECORDS are proud to introduce ESCARNIUM to North America with a definitive collection of the bands previous efforts put together all on one disc with a couple extras.

ESCARNIUM was conceived in 2007 in Salvador, Brazil, with the sole mission to make simple classic Death Metal in the vein of Old School Death Metal of the 80’s & 90’s. In 2009, ESCARNIUM recorded and released the debut demo entitled “Covered in Decadence,” which yielded good results and opened doors with Distros, Labels and Zines in Brazil and other countries. One of these was Polish Distro, Fukking Till You Bleed, which released the 2010 Split Tape “Celebrating the World of Decadence” with the band INSIDE HATRED. In 2011, ESCARNIUM recorded the EP called “Rex Verminorum” which was released by Polish label Hellthrasher. In May 2012 their first full length CD ” Excrucianting Existence” was released supported by a European Tour. Two other splits would follow in 2012 & 2014 on Imperial Doom and Misanthropic Records.

Tracks 1,2 taken from the “Genocide Ritual EP”
Track 3 *Previously Unreleased
Tracks 4 – 10, taken from the “Excruciating Existence” album (Brasilian Version)
Tracks 11, 12 taken from the “Rex Vermiform” EP
Tracks 13 – 16 taken from the “Covered In Decadence” demo

All tracks on “Godless Shrine Of Decay” Remastered by JB Van Der Wal
at Hewwetover Studio, Groningen, Holland

Album Cover and Layout by Nestor Carrera

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