Escarnium – Dysthymia LP


1. Inglorious Demise
2. Far Beyond Primitive
3. Deluged in Miasma
4. Anguish Ad Nauseum
5. Dysthymia
6. Into the Grave (Grave Cover)

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200 x 12″ Vinyl LP – 200 x Chaos Colored Vinyl

Chaos Colored Vinyl (or EcoMix) uses leftover wax that’s already in the factory, meaning each record is different and the color is completely random. Ecomix vinyl has been created as part of the push towards zero waste at the vinyl pressing plant.

****Please note that mockups, are digitally generated and may differ from the final product.

On their upcoming EP Dysthymia Brazilian death metallers Escarnium conjure up some exceptionally gloomy and downcast death metal, depicting the world in sickening shades of gray. It’s not exceedingly technical or dissonant — their slowly unfurling riffs just tap into a subconscious well of unease that serves as the perfect setting for their similarly miserable subject matter, making sinking into this swamp easy.
– Invisible Oranges

Dysthymia is a murky, hefty slab of death metal that tackles two topics: mental illness and the horrors of the modern world.
– Decibel Magazine

“That is what Escarnium have done here – delivered a top quality, straight forward death or blackened death metal record. Great stuff.”
– Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“The band’s third album is tight—both in length and approach. These guys just click. The sinewy riffs. The caustic, bellowing vocals. The commandingly dexterous drums. And as tight as Escarnium’s sound is, there’s an organic and almost instinctive feel to Dysthymia, as if they were merely channeling from some unknown energy source and not actually, you know, writing songs and playing their instruments.”
– Last Rites

Escarnium is:

Victor Elian – Rhythm guitars / Vocals
Nestor Carrera – Drums
Alex Hahn – Lead guitars
Vitor Giovanni – Bass

Dysthymia was recorded in January 2022.
Drums, bass and vocals engineered by Reinaldo Jr at RMS Estudio, Agudos, Brazil.
Rhythm guitars engineered by Nestor Carrrera at Escarnium studio, Bauru, Brazil.
Solos engineered by Alex Hahn at Cologne, Germany.
Edited, mixed and mastered by Caleb Bingham at Nightmare Sound Studio, Gröningen, Netherlands.
Produced By Escarnium and Caleb Bingham.

“Into the Grave” by Jensa Paulsson, Joergen Sandstroem and Ola Lindgren. Originally performed by Grave. Copyright Reservoir Media Music.

Artwork by @Unggur.yulianto and layout by Nestor Carrera

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